Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Don Juan & Oakley

Hi Sarah and others,

Well, it's been a week as you wanted to wait -- and these guys are doing very well. They were at the vet's yesterday; and once Oakley gets more acclimated to here, I will take him out for some dental work. The vet, Amy Womack thinks he's pretty uncomfortable with some bad teeth, so we'll get him to feeling better. She thought Oakley is so beautiful and pointed out some markings on him that are very unusual.

I continue to be impressed with how socialized these two are - and it is such fun watching their different characters emerge. I get very tickled with Don Juan (whom I call Donovan) - I think he's a little trouble-maker and then will try to blame it on others! Also, I am so impressed that they both come when called.

I've had no litter box problems with Oakley - and it was a wise decision you made, as I think it makes a big difference having the two of them, for play, comfort, grooming and other socialization. They spend a lot of time together and are clearly bonded, and I think Oakley has relied on Don Juan's forthrightness for easing his transition.

It is a delight to see them run up and down the stairs, to stalk one another and to sit and look out the various windows at the birds. They have adjusted very well and are having a good life here, indeed.

Thank you for your generosity and care. Be reassured that your good work continues to touch many lives - it has brought smiles and delight to my friends and to Amy Womack. Friends love the photos of the 2 and are so pleased to hear good stories of your shelter,

gratefully, Peggy