Friday, January 16, 2009


Kiele’s doing great! Not having to leave her foster house has really made everything very simple. She’s still as rambunctious as ever, and has found a new skill at opening doors to find new things to play with. Constantly I find one of my slippers across the house from the other one!

It’s definitely a good thing we have nice big windows with ledges for Kiele to spend her days on. I bought her a window bed, and that’s usually where I find her if she’s not with me, and she’s a greeter, always running to the door when I come home from work or school.
We’ve also discovered that she’s a great babysitter, unlike the other cat in the house belonging to my roommate, and she was wonderful with two foster kittens we got shortly after I adopted Kiele. I’ve enclosed in my email a picture of her with the younger one!