Rescue Tails

Monday, January 7, 2013


Here's a picture of Halloween and his new buddy Duke (all black). They are
both the same age and at first Duke wouldn't have anything to do with him. Halloween
stayed persistent and now they are inseparable. I love Halloween so much and I thank
the cat rescue for giving us all so much joy from him. Funny thing, we buy him all
kinds of toys and his favorite thing to play with besides Duke is one of my son's
shoestrings from a old pair of shoes. He is so funny and definitely a keeper.  

Friday, December 14, 2012

Janis Joplin and Lynyrd Skynyrd

Here are my 2 babies that I adopted from you guys.  Lynyrd Skynyrd is now 2 and
Janis Joplin is 7 mo. old now.  They love each other and play together all the time,
esp. when they get a bit of cat nip.  We love them so much.  Thank you for your
great adoption service!!


Piper getting along great with house mate, 8 y.o Salty. Good buds. Play and keep
each other busy. 
Salty on the left, Piper (adoptee) on the right. 
Perfect match. Thanks.

Maqui and Coquette

Maqui and Coquette in their new home. Coquette is a health nut that won't touch
treats and watches her figure by running  laps in the hallway. Maqui spends his days
sleeping and can never have enough treats or human food with or without permission.
When she first arrived Coquette was a little cautious but she has become very
affectionate and now it is nearly impossible to sit or lay down and not have a cat
on top of you. Since his surgery, Maqui has become much more active and more vocal.

Friday, November 16, 2012


He's such an awesome cat!  He's a master mouser (caught one last night, as a matter of fact), is a daddy's boy, and gets along well with our dogs.  In fact, we adopted a puppy in March and they're best friends.  They wrestle, chase each other, and give each other baths.  Bart is a chihuahua/pug mix and Thomas is bigger than him.  They're so cute together. 

Thomas had three teeth removed at the end of February due to resorptive lesions, but he had a checkup last month and got a clean bill of dental health so we're hoping the previous lesions were an anomaly and not a habit.  We'll see in another six months.

Here's a picture of him.  He has his own bed in front of our picture window in the kitchen, and he meows when he hears his name.  We can say his name from anywhere in the house and he'll answer us.  He's pretty chatty.


I told you my wife Allene and I had adopted London from FCCR recently.  You will 
remember him as a big (10+ pound!) gray and white kitten who had some 
health challenges, including loss of most of his teeth.  But as those of 
us who have had special needs kitties know, of course he doesn't think 
of himself as challenged in any way!

I'll bet you can match the captions with the pictures attached.

1. That's right, I'm London!

2. Nobody told me I'd have such a pretty girlfriend at my new home.

3. My new family has these things called drawers, and I could tell they 
needed my help to figure out what's inside.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Biscuit (Bisquick)

I thought you guys might like some pictures of Bisquick (now going by Biscuit) in his new home. He settled in within a few hours and by the second day was sleeping with my dogs! He is a gem! Thank you!