Friday, November 16, 2012


He's such an awesome cat!  He's a master mouser (caught one last night, as a matter of fact), is a daddy's boy, and gets along well with our dogs.  In fact, we adopted a puppy in March and they're best friends.  They wrestle, chase each other, and give each other baths.  Bart is a chihuahua/pug mix and Thomas is bigger than him.  They're so cute together. 

Thomas had three teeth removed at the end of February due to resorptive lesions, but he had a checkup last month and got a clean bill of dental health so we're hoping the previous lesions were an anomaly and not a habit.  We'll see in another six months.

Here's a picture of him.  He has his own bed in front of our picture window in the kitchen, and he meows when he hears his name.  We can say his name from anywhere in the house and he'll answer us.  He's pretty chatty.