Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Letter from an Adopter - Lucky (aka Fraidy Cat)

Hi Sarah (and all!)
Just thought I'd send a picture and some information about our newest kitty! Fraidy Cat has been renamed "Lucky" (which we think he IS!), and is adapting to his new home not too badly. After 10 days, he gets along very well with our two older (16 yrs.) cats (more of a laissez-faire community), and every day gets a little friendlier, it seems, with our other 6 mo. old kitty, Lexis. In the picture, they are both watching squirrels in the back yard from the downstairs window (Lucky is on the left).
He is scared silly to go outside, but he roams the house and plays with Carole all the time. I approach him in his bed and give him ear scratchings as well, which he just loves!

All in all, we're really happy to have Lucky as part of our family. I feel that, in time, he'll forget entirely that he was ever a "Fraidy Cat".

Mike & Carole Thorsrud