Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Letter from an Adopter - Avalanche (aka Sammy)

Dear FC Cat Rescue Ladies:

Just dropping you a note to tell you how happy I am with my family. They love me a lot and I think they are just the best! Mom has attached a picture of me snuggled in Dad’s arm. I was pretty sleepy…it’s the only time she can get a picture of me is when I’m sleepy. I’ve grown a lot in the last month---which means I have to sleep a lot too. I like rassling with my big sister Mazda, snuggling with Grandpa Kismet and bedeviling Aunt Sophia. Sometimes Sophia gets “krazy Kitty” and rampages through the house with me and Mazda. And I like sleeping with my boy, Alex. He’s almost as good a sleeper as a cat.

Oh! My name is Avalanche now cuz I roar through the house leaving destruction in my path and usually end up in a pile up against the door! ‘least that’s what Mom says. My coordination is pretty good most of the time and unless I’m really tired most people don’t notice my little ear and eye tic.

Everyone who has come to see me says I am just the cutest and sweetest kitten ever! My head would get pretty big, except Mazda tells me she’s the prettiest and sweetest kitten ever….even though she’s NOT a kitten anymore, she’s a BIG girl! Then we rassle! She’s in the other picture Mom sent.

Thanks for giving me a place to live and taking such good care of me until my family found me.