Friday, December 14, 2007

The Reunion

Hi there! This is Sarah Swanty writing. I am the director of the Fort Collins Cat Rescue. I would like to share a short story with everyone about why micro-chipping is such a wonderful thing.

Several days ago we received a call from a gentleman who lives up the canyon off of Highway 34. He had found a stray kitty 5 weeks previous that he had been taking care of. He had unsuccessfully searched for an owner and figured the kitty had been ‘dumped’ like so many are.

He thought about keeping the kitty, but decided it wasn’t the best idea for him at the time. He called wanting to bring the kitty to our shelter because we are a no-kill shelter. The kitty was brought in on Friday, Dec. 14th. She was a beautiful, young, Siamese kitty. As usual, the first thing I did was scan her for a micro-chip.

She had one!!

I called Home Again (the micro-chipping company) and got all of the owner’s information. I called the owner, Selma, and asked if she was missing a cat. She seemed baffled by the question, but answered yes. I told her that we had her kitty.

It turns out that her kitty, Precious, had been missing for 6 ½ months!!!!!!!! Selma was ecstatic. She had given up on looking for Precious because it had been so long, and figured that Precious was dead. What a wonderful Christmas present for Selma & Precious both – to be reunited.

Micro-chipping is a wonderful technology that every pet owner should take advantage of. A large percentage of cats that are lost are not reunited with their owners. Here at Fort Collins Cat Rescue, the ONLY cats that have been reunited with their owners are kitties that had microchips.

There are several places that offer micro-chipping for a low price. Both Fort Collins Cat Rescue and the Larimer Humane Society offer it for only $25, which includes the registration.