Friday, March 11, 2011


In early January I adopted little black kitten Zeta, but I found that that name didn't quite match her, she has dark chocolate tabby-markings in her fur that are really visible in florescent lighting. So I renamed her Rune. When we first brought her home she wasn't all that scared, sure being in a new environment was scary and all, but she quickly adapted to our apartment. What was really shocking was when she met our older, and much larger cat, Sherwood, for the first time. We expected her to hiss, run away, and/or cower in fear...nope. She walked right up to him and began rubbing against him, he was freaked out by her bold display and was the one to hiss and run away. But after a few weeks they became the best of buddies. Now we can't keep them apart! She has been the absolute perfect addition to the family, her personality is just right and when I'm on the computer late at night for school, she'll curl up in my lap and purr herself to sleep. I'm the happiest cat mama of two and want to thank you all at the Fort Collins Cat Rescue for giving me the best little kitty in the world!