Friday, March 11, 2011

Gracie (Nala)

Hi! My name is Gracie. When I lived at the rescue my name was Nala. I have lived in my new home for almost 3 months. I was really scared when I first moved to my forever home. I basically lived under the bed for a week, I would only come out to use my cat box. Now that I have realized that I am going to live here for the rest of my life, I have become more at home. I love to run around the entire house like a crazy cat. I especially love running up and down the stairs at top speed. I can run really fast. I can't jump too high, though. My mommy thinks I'm not able to jump real high because of the damage to my back end. If you don't know my story, I was an abused little kitten. Someone witnessed me being thrown from a car when I was a couple of months old. I'm so glad the rescue was nice enough to come and get me and nurse me back to health. I also had a really nice foster mom who took care of me for a few months. I still get afraid of my new daddy sometimes, because I have bad memories of a man being mean to me. My daddy has lots of patience and can't wait until I trust him 100%. I know I will get there, it will just take me some time. I have gained about 4 pounds since I was adopted. My daddy says I have a big belly, I guess that's because my favorite hobby is eating. I love to eat, play, take naps and eat. My mommy has included a few pictures of me. Most of them are when I am asleep, because every time she tries to take a picture of me when I'm awake, it comes out blurry. I guess that's because I don't like to sit still when I'm awake. I would like to say thank you to everyone that has helped me in my life. I know I'm only about 7 months old, but I sure have a lot of people to thank for taking care of me. I am forever grateful (as are my mommy and daddy). Sincerely, Gracie Maye