Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fishstick (Sugar Mama) and Pilchard

Fishstick (formerly Sugar Mamma) and Pilchard are doing wonderfully with Liam and I. We most often refer to them as Big Fuzz (Pilchard) and Little Fuzz (Fishstick). They are both awesome and very loving cats, and beyond loving us, the love each other, too! They play together all the time and Fishstick often grooms Pilchard, it's cute. Fishstick has deemed herself "the boss" (usually in food matters), and Pilchard accepts that--except when I decide she's being a glutton and ensure Pilchard gets the same snacks!

Neither of these beauties have ever left our place, and while Pilchard is happy to stay inside, Fishstick has an adventurous streak in her & wants to go outside. This has not happened, and we're working hard to ensure it never does!

I can't tell you how happy we are that Big Fuzz and Little Fuzz are members of our family, they sleep on Liam's bed at night, and we love them dearly!

I have included a picture of them snuggling on the couch last night. What a great match with us, and each other!!