Saturday, October 16, 2010

Finally found a minute to update on "Nova" (previously Norton). I have attached a couple of photos, you can see he is really growning up fast! He loves catching a nap in a matter where it is (like on the table where he is not supposed to be:)). He has become quite the hunter...catching and releasing flies!;0 We just brought a 7 week old lab puppy home 2 weeks ago and they are BFF! They play hide and seek (or in Nova's case "ambush") and tag til they both need a nap. "Nova" also loves to sit with me by our Koi pond and watch all the colorful fish.....I think he may be plotting against them tho!:)
His hair is getting long and silky and he is really good at keeping it groomed. He was named "Nova" because our daughter thought his big sparkling eyes looked the the super nova. He's just great!