Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Romilly & McCartney

Hi, Sarah, so sorry that I haven't responded earlier. Life, the kids returning to school, etc. got in the way.

Both of the kitties we adopted are doing great. Romilly (called Milly, her name was Spooner at the rescue) took quite awhile to gain weight. We took her to the vet a few times to run some tests and nothing came up. She is just destined to be a tiny little girl. Finally we got her to bulk up a little with canned food, whole milk yogurt and shrimp. She is up 12 oz since June. She is the snuggliest kitten, very calm and sweet.

Feisty McCartney is exactly the opposite. We kept the name and call him Mac ... Mac the Truck fits because he has gained two pounds in the same amount of time. He is very playful and drives Milly and our older cat, Mookie, a bit nuts, but our three boys love to play with him because he is the most energetic of the three.