Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I adopted Midnight back in the Spring. He is doing great now and is a valued member of the family. I got him to be a companion for my other cat, (who was very lonely due to the death of my 18 yo cat). Midnight required a full 2 months to acclimate, to his new home. When I brought him home, my intention was to put him in a small room in the downstairs for a day or so, in order for the two cats to get used to each other, through a closed door. Midnight however, was too fast for me and he got out into the family room and under the furniture. He spent the next month, hiding from me (and the other cat), by running from (under) one couch to another. He hid and would have no interaction for a good month and one half (even though, I kept going downstairs trying to get him accustomed to me and trying to entice him with toys and treats).
We were at about 45-50 days the first time he came out and actually let me pet him but it was a very slow go! He could not be coaxed upstairs for another couple of weeks. He was very skittish and distrusting. He would venture upstairs but stay on the top step and retreat rapidly to his hiding places downstairs for the next couple of weeks. Finally, he could stand the curiosity no longer, and ventured into the upstairs. It was a "red letter day" and since then, he has really blossomed! He is a very social guy now, loves to play and crawl into my lap for attention. It was a long process but well worth it. He is a great cat! He and the other cat have bonded and play daily. I have attached a picture and you can see he has made himself at home…. finally.

Thx for all you do and for allowing Midnight (and cats like him), to have a chance!