Monday, August 16, 2010

Slick (previously Ebony)


Slick here. You may know me as Ebony. My adoptive family re-named me Slick, after the BP oil slick. These people have a sense of humor. I love it at my new home. I get to sleep on Mom's bed and snuggle with her every night. She says I am the best snuggler ever. I press against her back and lay my head on her neck. How Cozy.

As you can see, I have a nice place to eat, which is something I really enjoy. I have put on some weight but am still a very trim young man.

I have a perch at the upstairs window. I lay and watch the world go by from there. It is very peaceful.

My step sister is a DOG.. YUCK! We get along now and play. I actually taught my sister how to play with a ball. Before I came she never would play..she saw how I was doing it and stole my toys. So I stole her tennis ball (she was not using it anyway) Then Mom heard something in the living room and low and behold the DOG was playing with the ball. I taught her that.

Mom is right now digging my toys out from under her dresser. We play go fetch a lot. Then I bat the toys under the dresser. Hey MOM, make sure you get the purple one.

Well, I just wanted to say Thanks, for rescuing me and giving me a place to stay before I found my forever home. I sure appreciate it. And Mom says thanks for putting me on sale..she says I am the best discount she ever bought.


Mom: Debbie
Dad :Daryl
Step sister: Calle