Monday, August 16, 2010

Max (previously Fuzzy)

Hi Sarah~
We adopted Max (previously Fuzzy) in June. Our older cat, who was 5 when we rescued her from the Humane Society, was a little slow to warm up to him, but he persisted (as he does with everything!) and now they get along great. He is such a sweetie, is always purring and playing and into something somewhere. He likes to sleep in the bathroom sink and sit on my shoulder when I'm at the computer...don't know how that will go once he hits 8 or 9 pounds, lol! His favorite toy is, of course, the other cat and a plain brown paper bag, although he can seriously have a good time playing with a piece of fuzz. We sometimes think we should have named him 'Tigger' because Tigger's bounce and he is definitely a bouncer/pouncer boy! I am sending you 2 pics, one of him and one of them both playing. Everyone loves Max, and we always recommend anyone who is looking for a cat to check out FCCR and consider an older cat as well...we feel very fortunate to have two such wonderful personalities that we can count on to make us smile and laugh every day!!