Monday, April 12, 2010

Kraisee (formerly Nicky)

Hi there Sarah! Sorry for the delay. Nicky as you knew him (the white lynx point siamese cat) is doing great!
He's still looking like a kitty somewhat but he's sweet and very loving. He's almost lost all his wild side from being out on the street.
Within the past few days he just now started going out onto our porch balcony and he stares at cars and people and other animals. He loves it. As I speak he's laying down in the sun on the porch watching the parking lot lol.
He's really playful and hasn't been destructive at all (thank god). I feed him "newmans own" organic kitty food which is very good for him.
oh and I named him "Kraisee" pronounced "cry-see". it means "lion" in Thai.
I do have lots of photos of him. I can take one now of him on the balcony and send it in a separate email.

Write me anytime and feel free to ask for updates! I LOVE this cat!