Monday, April 12, 2010

Buddy (formerly Elf)

Hi Sarah,

Our kitten is doing great. He was named Elf at the shelter and we renamed him Buddy (in honor of the Will Farrel movie Elf). He has adapted well and is pretty much running the show at this point. Our dog was SO excited to have a new friend in the house and they get along quite well. Buddy loves to play with her big fluffy tail. Our older cat was not so excited at Buddy's arrival, but she tolerates him and sometimes now they even sleep together on my bed.

He loves to eat and play and eat some more and is very cuddly. In the evenings he is always in someone's lap. I've attached a few pictures of him as well. I think all of the most recent pics are on my phone though so I don't know how to email those :-)

The only issue we've had is that he had problems with his eyes. The vet said it's pretty common with "barn" cats and gave us some nutritional supplement stuff and eye ointment to treat him with whenever he has a flare up. Other than that, he's getting bigger and adjusting well.

Thank you so much!