Tuesday, March 9, 2010

JellyBeans (formerly Isabella)


Thanks for the followup on the cat I adopted back in October 09. Let me tell you about her!!!
She is terrific. Her name was changed from Isabella to JellyBeans. Somehow Isabella didn't fit her. I actually thought of calling her trouble originally, as she was so precocious and into everything.
She is a happy and healthy cat, has a beautiful shiny coat, and oh did I mention just how smart she is.....I've taught her to "fetch" her puffy pom pom balls and return them to me, and then I throw again so she can retrieve again, and again, and again. I think she'd do this 24 hours a day if she could find a fool to continuously throw the balls.

She makes me laugh everyday, and brings constant smiles to my face. She is definitely one of your success stories.

I have enclosed a few pictures of her over the last several months, including her most recent event exploring the new clothes dryer.

And for those of you who follow on Twitter, she even has her own Twitter account and you can follow her and all her adventures at "JellyBeansMeow"

Thanks so much for asking about her and following up. All my best to FCCR for your continued success.