Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cinderella & Jasmine

Hi Sarah.

We changed Cinderella's name to Bella (or Momma Kitty sometimes)...sorry, but Cinderella just didn't roll off the tongue well for us. Jasmine is still Jasmine. (or Jaz, or Jazzy kitty, or Baby Kitty, it just depends!) Bella made a very smooth adjustment, and is the most loveable and loving kitty I have ever had. She will sit for hours in my lap, follows me around the house meowing and purring and rubbing on my legs, and loves to sleep with me, cuddled up in the crook of my arm against my side. At night, though, she and Jasmine do a lot of playing and rough housing, so she doesn't sleep with me all night. She has a great personality. It makes me feel better to know that even though she was abandoned, she was loved well by someone before me, and she is a great companion. Jasmine is still adjusting, but getting a little better all the time. She is definately not a people kitty, but she has warmed up some to me, and a wee bit to my 13 year old son Nick. She will come out frequently when it's just me around, and sometimes when Nick is here too. Otherwise, she hangs out in the kitty land under my bed...where there are blankets and beds and toys and lot's of space for her to hang out. (it's her safe zone!) She won't be picked up, but she has started (a couple weeks ago) to let me pet her when she is laying down lounging. This was a huge step. I think she even purred for me the other day, but I have to be cautious with her, so I couldn't lean down to listen to make sure. She has started to arch her back some when I pet her, a sign of her enjoyment, but she quickly reels it back in and is reserved again. That's ok, I will take what I can get! They both like to hang out in the front window and watch the world. They also are two peas in a pod, and often if one goes, the other follows. I cannot imagine Jasmine surviving without her mom. I am so glad they have each other, and that I was able to keep them together. I tell people that Jasmine is just a pretty kitty, you can look but not touch, and even though real physical contact with her is impossible, she brings joy to my life to just watch her lounge or play, and every little bit of progress is a big milestone. They are both healthy, and both seem to be very happy :) I am attaching two pictures. One is old, from early October, but I love this one - they are hanging out together on the kitchen rug...they do that a lot, just lay around together. The other picture if of them on "their" fleece blanket, in "their" chair in the living room. Jaz lays here a lot in the evening. This picture is only two weeks old.