Monday, February 22, 2010

Oscar & Felix (previously Hickory & Henry)

HI Sarah,

Oscar and Felix are doing great! They love their new home and are best friends. They often sleep curled up next to each other and even on top of one another if possible. They have lots of things to do around here besides eating, sleeping, and looking outside. They play with each other lots and with the toys they have too. Their favorite toys, of course, seem to be paper bags and cardboard boxes. Felix really likes toy mice and Oscar really likes this toy called the “Cat Dancer” a friend of ours gave him. Both Felix and Oscar like to be petted a lot but Oscar especially likes being petted. They both like to sit in your lap too. Oscar is the most vocal of the two and quite the explorer around the house. Felix gets real talkative when it’s time to eat! They each weigh about 12 pounds now and don’t have any behavioral problems.

We want to again thank Fort Collins Cat Rescue for finding these cats and keeping them safe until we could adopt them. We love them very much!

Cindy Kronauge and Dean Allison