Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Platypuss a.k.a. Emmett

Hi Sarah...Emmett is doing very well, getting bigger every day that passes. My husband and I have decided that Emmett doesn't know he's a cat...he loves to sit like a dog or on my husband and sleep fully stretched out on his back, arms up and legs extended straight out! My husband and I absolutely adore Emmett as does all of our family. His Grandma's absolutely love him just as much as we do! They always send him kisses through the phone and he loves it, he comes when we make kiss sounds, so you can imagine how much he loves kisses through the phone! :-) And Emmett doesn't leave a room without his baby, Smith!
He's quite the "cat", such a personality...he always has my husband and I in stitches laughing!

Thank you...