Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bertie a.k.a. Riley

Sarah, My deepest appologies for not getting back to you sooner. I wanted to be able to send pictures with my update and I just got around to getting them loaded on my computer. So I hope that you enjoy the pics!
" Bertie", or otherwise known as "Riley" has been doing great! It took about 3 weeks or so to really start showing her personality, but now that it is out, there is no turning it off! When we originally brought her to her new home she really took to our bedroom and hid under the bed. She considered that her "safe" place from anything and anyone. We didn't want to push her out of her comfort zone so needless to say, my husband and I spent a lot of time in our room and lying on the floor!! Eventually she got comfortable to adventure to the main floor and from there it has just progressed. I am pretty sure that she feels as though she owns the house at this point in time....not like a cat at all!!!j/k

"Riley" was originally a cat that never talked and as she got used to her new home, we would hear her squeek of a meow here and there. Now we don't know where the off button to her meow is!! She not only owns the house, but tries to tell us what to do as well or just in general will sit and talk to us....especially when it is meal time. Lets just say that she never misses a meal and if she had it her way, she would be perfectly content as a rollie pollie she yells at us alot! Oh well! As for her kitty play, it took a while to find her a toy that she would play with. She didn't really know what to do with a ball and if it was a ball with a raddle, that was even worse. So for the fist 2 weeks or so at PetsMart I think we tried every toy possible. We finally found a nice fuzzy white ball that she loved and loved to play fetch with....well one night our puppy ate it :( Back to toy shopping! We found her a rod with a long string coated in feathers for her that we thought she would love....well she loved it a little too much!!! We came upstairs to our bedroom and there were feathers EVERYWHERE! So she was banned from that toy. We finally found a mouse that is called Bouncy mouse and it is a mouse attached to an end of an elastic string which she loves to death. She one day found my stash of them and brought me one still attached to its cardboard wanting to play fetch!!! (literally fetch, she is better at it than the dog is!)

Overall, she has been great. A few territorial markings here and there, but I think that is to be expected every once in a while.

I hope that this helps you guys know that you placed her in a good home and that you enjoy the pictures!

Thanks for allowing us to addopt her and most of all rescuing her.

Best Regards,Tawney and KC