Friday, February 20, 2009

Minnie Mouse a.k.a. Cherise

Hi Sarah,
I am so sorry it has been so long for me to respond to your request for an update on our "Minnie Mouse", formerly known as Cherise. She has fit SO beautifully in to our family, ever I am amazed! My husband never thought our other kitty would gravitate SO SO much to a new friend! Let me tell you, Moomba is a 1 year 6 month old male and takes care of Minnie Mouse like she was his own baby- licking, kissing sleeping on top of eachother! I have never had cats that loved each other so much! Even our Golden Retriever and Choc. Lab are fans! I certainly hope Bobbie Sox was adopted - it nearly broke our hearts to choose! I have attached a couple photos and you can continue to count on our support!
Thanks for the wonderful addition to our family and for all you do for the needy cats in the world! I wish I could take more! But we've since gotten a 20 year old pony who is amazing and we're busting at the seams!
Thanks again!