Friday, February 20, 2009

Cleocatra & Princess Puddy Pants a.k.a. Natalie & Marcie

Here is the information that you requested.
I can't tell you how happy I am with the girls! They have made my life all the more sweeter.
They are the most loving sweet babies.
Natalie is now “Cleocatra” I call her “Cleo”. Marcie is now “Princess Puddy Pants” She is usually just “Puddy” unless she is being a princess. The girls love each other & I love them so very much. Cleo & Puddy are the best of friends and spend their time playing and sleeping together. Puddy, being the baby is very mischievous and also quite the momma’s girl…she follows me everywhere & loves to sleep on my chest & snuggle. Cleo is a bit of an independent…she likes to drink from the faucet in the bathroom every time she catches you in there, but she is also very affectionate & loves her new home & her little sister.

Thank you so much!