Friday, December 26, 2008

Zen a.k.a. Woody

I adopted Woody, who is now my kitty named Zen! Just as he was when he was with you all, he is a huge lover! He loves to follow me around the house, lay in his bed on my bed, sleep on my pillow,and he always curls up on my lap when I am on the computer! He has gained 3 pounds and is now up to 7! Unfortunately, he has had some minor health issues since I got him. A week after I got him, I took him in for his check-up and he had a stomach virus. And then about a month ago he had a UTIand had to spend the day at the vet. But, he is better now after some medicine and some food experimenting, and he actually loved being at the vet and getting a lot of love! Him and my roommates cat love to "fight" and run around the house. Since he is still a kitten, Zen loves to play with bottlecaps, his toy frog, and anything that dangles! He is getting very adventurous and I found him on the top of the shower curtain this morning!:) He has also been a great source of entertainment and I find him in thebathtub chasing his tail every night! Zen LOVES water, oddly, and alwayspops into the bathroom after showers and jumps in the wet tub! I adore my little Zen boy and he has been such a great addition to my little life! I attached a few pictures so you all can see him!
Thanks again for such a great little kitty! :)
Sincerely,Sarah Fry