Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chloe a.k.a. Cachet

The new kitty is amazing! Her name is chloe and she's been so much fun. She loves to cuddle and curl up under my neck when she feels she wants more attention:-) Or the other side of her shows this crazy, energetic kitten who loves to play. She is really social and loves other people and is very good with them. She is also beginning to be better at getting along with my family dog and cats and loves to play with them.

Adopting Chloe has been the best decision I've made. She is so much fun and even on those days where everything else has gone wrong, to go home and see her run to the door crying to greet me and then be ready to play, turns the worst days into days where you can't help but smile at her.

Don't change any part of your adoption process! What you do is wonderful and ensures that your animals will end up in good and loving homes. Thank you for everything!

- Morgan S.