Saturday, November 29, 2008

Isabelle & Jasmine a.k.a. Izzy & Jazzy

Hi Sarah,
I am happy to say that Isabell and Jasmine are doing wonderfully! Izzy is
actually curled up in my lap purring as I write this (I think she would
rather I give her my complete attention). Jazzy is behind the computer desk
playing with all the cords. We all recently moved to Colorado Springs to a
much bigger house and the kitties love all the room to run around. I don't
think they will be too happy though, when I get all the boxes and paper
cleaned up. The kitties find a new box to climb on and hide in or new
packing paper to pounce on and rip every day. The girls are very good at
playing and never seem to get boredt. They also continue to travel very well
in the car and have made friends with all of my brother's three cats and are
learning to tolerate my girlfriend's dog. Izzy and Jazzy are still very
inseparable. Funny story: I was getting ready to leave for work last week,
made sure food and water were out, and went looking for the cats to make
sure I knew where they were before I opened the door. I saw Jazzy and she
started meowing at me. I petted her for a while, but that didn't seem to
calm her down. Then I realized I didn't know where Izzy was. I searched the
whole house up and down, but nothing. I looked in all the boxes they liked
to hid in, and still nothing...and Jaz was still meowing after me. Finally,
I looked in a box I had never seen the cats go near...and there was Izzy,
all curled up happily on a pillow with the box lid closed. I put Jazzy in
with her and immediately she stopped meowing and started purring her little
heart out. Izzy started giving her a bath like I'd never seen. If nothing
else, those two are able to make me smile every day! Attached are a couple
pictures over the past month or so. Izzy is certainly much fluffier and a
bit bigger. Jazzy has developed more of an exotic look to her.

Happy Holidays!

Nathan Bertino