Saturday, November 29, 2008

Charcoal & Pinta a.ka. Luna & Tanga

We just LOVE our new kittens! They are so much fun. We have three other cats also,
(so now a total of 5) The one that lives under our enclosed patio (Spanky)
absolultely loves both of them. Our male cat (Bo) in the house, has accepted them
much quicker than our female black cat (Betty). Just this last week she is now
starting to play with them a little, without growling at them. The kittens always
run after her, I think our female black cat (Betty) thinks they will give her the
'cooties!' LOL.
We keep the kittens locked up in a spare bedroom when we are not home and at night.
This is so we can keep all the cats from eating each others food, and to keep the
kittens safe when we can't babysit them! :) Both of them are very friendly with
people. Luna, is a talker and very snuggly a lap kitty and has gained alot of
weight, but is so cute. We realized also she is not a completely black kitty. She
has a tiny triangle of white on her lower tummy. Tanga is very sociable and likes to
be by you but doesn't like to be held. She is going to be a very large cat I
believe. She has huge paws. Going to be a very beautiful cat.

Thank you all again for going the extra mile for us on these kittens. I have talked
about your organization to several people since we have gotten the kittens. We will
definitely be back in the future! Hope you had a Wonderful Thanksgiving and a Merry
Christmas to come.

I attached some photos of them both :)

Thank you
Lori and Duane Brunner