Friday, October 10, 2008

Spooky a.k.a. BP

Spooky (formally BP) is doing very well here. He and my older cat, Porthos, after some initial hissing and adjustment, are the best of buds, playing together every hour of the day, including 3AM.

He's a very talkative kitty,with a very loud meow, and actually will come when you call his name, even from across the house. His favorite toy is the fishing pole with the dangly fur things on the string. He'll do back flips when I'm playing with him, and will drag it around the house after him if I'm not. Mysteriously, it ends up in my bed on an almost nightly basis.

He has a fascination with water,and is entirely enthralled with the bathtub. He's very needy and friendly,and after initial confusion and scardy-catness, will even cuddle with visitors who come over.

I also attached a few pictures I took about a week ago.