Friday, October 10, 2008

Loki & Tybalt a.k.a. Loki & Hudson

We received a phone call from FCCR last weekend, so I thought I'd let you know how the cats are doing.

We picked up Loki (the longer haired, gray-striped, and a little chubbier one) and Hudson (the orange one with cute white paws and chest and stripey tail) from FCCR in the beginning of the summer. We renamed Hudson to Tybalt, though he also goes by Tibby, Mr Tibbs, and Mr T. Loki also has a number of nicknames, which include Professor Lokums and King Loki (because he likes the very top of the cat tree, and found a way to the top of our kitchen shelves by way of the refrigerator).

We took them to the vet for a checkup shortly after we got them, and it turned out that Loki had broken one of his main teeth! Luckily, they were able to clean out the small abscess and keep the remainder of the tooth (we got to it in time, so he doesn't have a crooked face). They also both had some gingivitis, but we were given a little kitty toothbrush and fish-flavored toothpaste to clean their teeth with, which is an interesting experience. Other than Loki's tooth, they've been in good shape!

Loki and Tybalt were a little scared of us at first; though they let us pet them, they kept mostly to our closet. They finally got a little more adventurous and now really love to be around us (but aren't allowed in the closet anymore, so my clothes don't get covered in fur!). Loki was like a father to Tybalt in the beginning, always adventuring into places first and watching over Tybalt, but eventually Tybalt learned that he doesn't have to follow Loki around all the time. Loki and Tybalt are almost always in the same room we are, even if they're just sleeping, and sometimes sneaking into the room while we aren't watching. Loki will hop around our tables when we work, and Tybalt likes to sit on the window seat, hoping for some birds to chirp at. Loki loves to have his tummy rubbed, and will roll over asking for it. Tybalt has caught (squished) a spider and an ant, and so both cats seem to think that the laser-pointer is a little red bug to catch. When we're gone, they sleep on our bed, and will often join us at night when they aren't playing around. They love being together, grooming each other, chasing each other, and following us around. Sometimes they can still be scaredy-cats, but for the most part, they're really great and very cute!

Thank you FCCR for the lovable cats! If my apartment complex allowed it, I would get another! We are really happy to give these guys a happy loving home.

- Adam and Colleen