Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gryphon a.k.a. Charles

Hello. I just got your voicemail about Charles. Thanks for checking up on him. :)
He seems to be healthy and enjoying his time here. He had a vet checkup about a week after moving in, and has another scheduled in December.
Charles does have a new name... he didn't seem much like a Charles, so he's called Gryphon now. Maybe that's an odd name, but our other kitty is Marshak, and they get along well.
He hasn't had any medical problems or injuries, and the only behavior I could complain about at all is that he recently managed to lose his collar. So, I'll have to get him some new tags, but that's not so bad.
As for pictures, I haven't put an album online yet, but I've attached some shots of Gryphon (black) and Marshak (white).The two cats spend a lot of time together, racing around the house and playing what appears to be Spy-vs-Spy as they sneak around and ambush each other.-- Scott