Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Letter from an Adopter - Pearl a.k.a. P-Chan

Sarah and All other FCCR Volunteers,

We just got back from the Vet and Pearl (whose name
might be P-Chan) is feverishly cleaning the vet
"filth" off of herself. She was given a clean
bill-of-health and the vet said that she is probably
around two to three years old rather than four. The
vet, Dr. Bonnie Abbott, was also impressed about how
you guys gave P-Chan all her shots and tests. Bonnie
was happy to hear about your organization not only
because of what you do but because you are located in
Fort Collins, which is her home town.

The first day we had P-Chan she was a bit nervous
about her new surroundings and mostly stayed in the
bathroom; but by 7pm she was fine. She went exploring
and did some more exploring and then some more....You
get the idea. Her favorite toys are q-tips and a small
ball of foil (which is about the size for a penny).
Oh! and she is FASCINATED by Adria's screen-saver on
her computer. Hahaha!

Last night when I was opening a can of pears P-Chan
came rushing over in hopes that it was wet food. After
sitting down to eat my food it became clear that we
were not going to be able to open cans in the house
with this fiend around. So gave in and gave her some
tuna which calmed her down but now every time I go
into the kitchen she comes running over, "fiending"
like crazy. She is hilarious.

Thanks again for taking care of her!
Arielle, Adria, & P-Chan