Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Letter from an Adopter - Phoenix a.k.a. ZZ

This is in response to a phone message that I received today. My family and I adopted a kitten from you on February 9, 2008. His name was Phoenix. After having him in our home for a few days we decided that the name Phoenix did not really fit him. We deliberated over an appropriate name for him and decided on "ZZ" because his long legs made us think of the ZZ top song "She's got Legs". It took ZZ awhile to come around to us. For the first month or so the only time he willingly came to us was when we bribed him with cat treats. He is still very skittish, but has gotten better. We donated some dry food to the rescue back in March. We spoke to a very knowledgeable young woman who said that ZZ/Phoenix had been born a feral cat in a rural area. She also said that you all had worried about him because he was such a "scaredy cat". We took him for his first vet visit shortly after we brought him home, and the vet said he appears to be very healthy. We haven't had any TRUE behavior problems, just the normal curious kitten adventures. We did lose a member of our family in March, our 14 year old male cat named George. ZZ bonded with him after the first week of being in our home. After we lost George, ZZ would walk around the house crying and looking for him. He did that for about a week. It was very heartbreaking for all of us. George was a wonderful cat and we think that ZZ would have learned a lot from him if he had the opportunity. We are attaching photo's of ZZ so you can see his progress. Thank you to your organization. I have told everyone that will listen about the work you do. A co-worker of mine, Kelly, recently adopted an orange tabby from you that was born in February around Valentines day. Anyway, thank you.
Mary Looney