Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Letter from Adopter - Little Man aka Banjo

...I renamed him from "Little Man" to Banjo. His full name is
Banjo Meriweather Lewis. He is doing just wonderfully and I love him to
pieces! He has gotten the last of his shots for this year and is in fine
health. The vet said he might have some polyps (sp?) in the back of his
throat and ear (he is a snorer!!) but that these might go away on their own
and should not effect his health. I'm monitoring his breathing just to make
sure that it doesn't seem labored or troublesome. Beyond that, he is
completely healthy and happy. He is still very shy around strangers but he
is all cuddles and play around myself and my boyfriend. He really is the
best cat I could have ever hoped for. He's getting big now and everyone
comments on what a long cat he is. He likes to sit in the tub and sink...I
don't know why but I catch him in there all the time. He also really likes
to drink out of our water glasses. He has about three water dishes of his
own that get fresh water daily but he still prefers a glass if he can find
it! When playing he can jump higher than seems possible, often catching what
is being dangled! He loves to cuddle at night and anytime during the day
that strikes him and he won't take no for an answer. He often settles
himself down on my laptop keyboard, my chest, or my head regardless of what
I'm doing and, of course, he is so cute I can't bring myself to move him!
I've attached some pictures of Banjo. They're a bit dated now and he has
grown some since they were taken, but they are still super cute.
Thanks for your follow-up; it speaks really well of your organization!