Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Letter from Adopter - Houdini aka Simon

The kitty is doing wonderfully.  We changed his name from Houdini to Simon.  I am
attaching a few photos that I took when I sent out "the new edition to the family"
pictures to my relatives. It took him awhile to settle in; at first, he seemed a
little depressed. I think he missed all the kitties at the Cat Rescue. But now
he seems healthy and happy now -- very affectionate and sweet. We have been
surprised to see him turn up his nose at things like a piece of turkey or ham or
tuna, yet then one day, he made a dive for the salt and vinegar potato chips that
we were eating. Don't worry though--cat food is his main diet. We got his rabies
shot taken care of at the Campus West Vet Clinic, Tom Welsh's old clinic. And, I
got his chip changed over to our names. Anyway, we love him and I think he loves