Monday, April 7, 2008

Letter from an Adopter - Garfield

We had the honor of fostering Garfield when he came to the shelter at the end of November 2007 as an eight week old kitten. He was the feistiest kitten I had ever been around! He attacked my old fat cats, ambushed my Chihuahua and wrapped his small little legs around our newfie/golden mix’s legs and bit down like it was a lamb chop! He was here for 4 weeks but came in like he had lived here forever! He LOVED my four year old daughter, Skyler, more than anyone in the house – they bonded immediately. I was worried about the home he would be adopted into since he was so ornery and most people wouldn’t know how to handle a mini mountain lion! He was adopted mid-late December to woman for her 23 year old daughter’s birthday present. I explained his crazy side and the woman said her daughter would LOVE a kitten that could go from being a sweet lap kitten to a wild crazy tiger! I cried when he left…hoping this would be the perfect home for him. We took on many litters of kittens for FCCR after he left– but not one was as crazy as Garfield… we then had an outbreak of panleukopenia – which meant no more kittens for 6 months to a year!!! We were devastated! Then on February 18th Sarah called me and said that Larimer Humane had Garfield, he had been dropped off as a “stray”. Once we got the call that he had been bounced around since he left my house – my husband and I agreed it was fate and he needed to come home. On February 25th Garfield came home! He walked in like he owned the place – he rubbed all over the other dogs and cats like he had missed them terribly. Once he saw Skyler he melted – he knew he was home… It’s now April 6th and I’ve had multiple paper towel rolls, apples, pears and even an avocado taken from my kitchen counter and destroyed – ah…life with Garfield! Thank you FCCR for allowing us to adopt him – we love him so much!