Friday, February 15, 2008

Letter from an Adopter - Diego (aka Wilbur)

Hey Cathy!

"Wilbur" is getting so big! He adjusted immediately to his new home and is now running the household. You were right about his independence. He tries not to be "too" loving towards his momma when he "has stuff to do", but will always come in for a kiss or cuddle when he is ready.

I am still working on desensitizing his feet and face for pedicures and dental care. He has lost 2 upper incisors and is actively teething. Everyday he recieves full torturing of love and kisses from his momma! I had him vx for leuk and will return next week for rabies/leuk booster. His microchip was very difficult to scan with Banfield equipment but it finally scanned when we put his whole body through the scanner!

We did change his name to "Diego" because he grew a more mischievious personality than the sweet demeaner of Wilbur. My friends wanted to shorten his name to "willy" and I totally disagreed. Diego is very playful and still loves all his toys that you gave him. He is a very tactile and agile kitten. He loves to sleep by my head/neck and purrs like a motorboat.

Thank you so much again for this blessing that is "DIEGO" (always stated with enthusiasm). Sincerely,