Sunday, December 2, 2007

Fort Collins Cat Rescue Pitter Pat Weekly News

……………Mrrr..Mrr..Read All About It!!!! Week of November 25, 2007

Adoption Tails:

Jazz has found her forever home with a very nice lady who has adopted from us before. We all will miss her, but wish her well in her new life!!!

Stallone has worked his mellow magic on a terrific woman who truly appreciates his beauty.

Samantha found a great new cat mommy, who hugs her as much as Samantha hugs her!!

Benji worked his personality well at the shelter and found a great new home.

Muffin is now Winston and is dressed for the Holidays.

Holiday Greetings, I thought I would let you know I am doing very well in my new home and have made a couple of canine friends along the way!I am especially fond of one! This is my second home since you brought me in to your shelter as a baby and I like it well enough that I plan to spend the rest of my life here! My new name is Winston(aka muffin)! I thought I would enclose a recent picture of myself for the holidays! I.m not sure about the head gear however. So thank you all from the Richardson family and Merry Christmas to all!Sincerely yours,Winston

Pilgrim has found his new forever home with a wonderful young lady and a 16 year old older sister named Sam.

Goober was hanging out with the dogs at Animal House and found people who like cats, he’s now lounging around in much quieter quarters.

Duchess has found an equally elegant young lady and is enjoying basking in the sun.

Ditto who had a rough start in life, but is now enjoying the quiet life in the mountains.

Calamity Jane, Katie, and Star have all been adopted by a very nice couple who are busy making their home at kitty paradise!!

Starshine and Garfield have been adopted by a great family with small children: they already tolerated the little one, so their future looks bright.

Anna and Dr. Welsh did a fantastic job on the show ‘Critter Patter,’ and did a wonderful job educating the community on the perils of pet overpopulation and why both the rescue and the clinic are vital to Northern Colorado. Please congratulate them on a job well done with the radio show.

Mobile Adoption this week at Petco will see 23+ kittens, so let’s all cross our fingers and paws for a very successful weekend for the kitties and our wonderful foster families and volunteers that great forever homes are found for everyone.

December and January the rescue will be offering $25 microchiping, it also includes registration!!! Tell your friends about this wonderful offer, and perhaps for people who have everything can receive a gift certificate to protect their most precious treasures!!

The humans (Sarah, Cathy, and all of the wonderful volunteers), are all working so hard to help us in getting our forever homes. We all thank you for making us feel safe, loved, and wanted, ‘til we find our people who will take just as good care as all of the friendly humans here at Fort Collins Cat Rescue have done. We asked one of our human friends to write this for us, since we don’t have thumbs or very good typing skills.