Sunday, November 18, 2007

Letter from an Adopter - Dream

note from Donna - before you read this letter you may want to go visit the entry from June 27th, 2007 - Cat in a box. This entry is an update on that kitty....Thanks Defne for thinking of us all the way from Chicago!!

this is defne, i used to work at the spay/neuter clinic

anyway i was looking over the blog and i noticed the old post of "the cat in the box" (dream)so, i thought you guys might like to know how shes doing

well, she was in such bad shape after surgery, but when we were recovering her she was lying there purring and making biscuits

i wish people could know the level of care a that animals receive at the clinic and shelter. she received emergency surgery with a great vet, recovery, a catheter, countless bags of fluids, extra antibiotics for her slow healing incision, and it took us almost a week to coax her into finally eating by dripping tuna water and high cal into her mouth. for this anna and sarah received a payment of $0.

anyway, i wanted her to get to have a good life after all that, plus she was always so quiet and sweet that i thought that my two antisocial older cats would be able to just pretend that she didn't exist. (wishfull thinking on my part)

she moved out to chicago with me and the other cats in august and she was pretty quiet at first, i set her up with food and water inside the kitchen cabinets. Well, she has now come WAY out of her shell and is antagonizing my other two cats and keeping me very entertained. (she is tucked into the crook of my elbow a purring madly as i type this)

if i'm home then she is going to be curled up somewhere on me regardless of what i am trying to do and is super sweet and ridiculous in all ways- she does these crazy back flips when she is excited, i think she may be part seal or perhaps an alien.

also she eats all the erasers out of my pencils.

sometimes i call her gray baby and sometimes i call her discorella (you can ask sarah about that)

anyway, hope that things are good there and hello to everyone, defne