Monday, October 29, 2007

Letter from an Adopter: Max - the cat's cat

Hi -

We have three of 'your' kitties - Max who we adopted a couple months ago, and Paris and Jingle Bell (she was known as Chantal at the time of adoption, but that's my name so we changed it.) I wanted to let you know they are all doing well. Max is an especially neat cat. He's a real lover and has taken the new kittens under his wing. In addition to Max, Paris, and Jingle we have Jasmine (who doesn't like any other cat generally but tolerates Max), Brady (another big male who pals around with Max), and Harley (another new kitten). I'm attaching a photo of Max loving on Harley so you can see what a 'mom' he is. You do great work - keep it up. We will support you as we can (although probably not by adopting more cats. :-))