Friday, August 17, 2007

How to Fail as a Foster Mom

You fall in love with the kittens and then adopt them! Aspen and Bella have a forever home without having to leave home.

I probably would have been okay if I hadn't had them for over a month. In the course of a month I had trained them to fit into our schedule, learn to get along with my other cats and in general become members of our household. They fit in perfectly right from the start and after a month it was impossible to think of life without them.

These are the first kittens we've adopted in 25 years (I've always adopted adult cats) and they are most likely the last. We're in our 50's and since kitties can live 20 years our current crew have the possibility of living while we're in our 70's. At that point in my life getting a kitten is probably not something I'd do - another adult cat possibly but probably not a kitten.
So, two little unwanted kittens are now part of a large, happy family. I hope all of our kittens end up in homes where they are loved as much.