Monday, August 6, 2007

7 is the Lucky Number

Hi, my name is Bonita, and I have the usual teenage mother in trouble story. My foster mom calls me Bonita because I am so pretty, which probably had something to do with me getting in the family way. Anyhow, the human (Cathy) took me home from FCCR to foster me while I was very pregnant. I liked the human right away, but didn't (and still don't) like her 3 boy cats since a boy cat got me "in trouble" in the first place. When I went home with the human my life changed from being a stray just trying to survive, to lounging around in a nice cool house, eating really well, terrorizing the permanent inhabitants, and growing larger. I had as good a time as I could considering the pregnancy hampered a lot of my typical movements, and caused a lot of gas when I did move. No one bother to tell me that!!

When I first started feeling something strange in my body, I didn't know what to do. I went to the human panting and with a pain in my belly. The human had mentioned something about a big change about to happen to me when I first came home with her, but I didn't think this was it. She told me I was going into labor which I didn't like the sound of at all. I did know my belly was doing something funky though. I went into the human's closet to hunker down for a bit. (I didn't know I had babies on board, I just thought I was getting chunky from the good life I was having with her!!)

When the human found me in the closet, I already had a small version of me. She called it a kitten. Whatever, it hurt and I was scared. Then another came out, and another, and another, and another, and another. I didn't even make a sound the fourth time. I just thought I had gas and might have missed the litterbox with a present. Even though I am a teenage mom, I knew what to do. I cleaned all of my babies up and let them start nursing. I now have 4 daughters and 2 sons. The human and her friends are still trying to figure out how I had so many kittens in me considering I am a small girl and a baby myself.

I am so glad I was taken to FCCR by a kind lady that noticed me and fed me for a bit. It would have been awful if I was left by myself in the horrible heat of the summer with not a kind soul around to help care for me and my babies. I was scared, alone, homeless, and pregnant. I've heard from other cats that it would have been really bad for me, not to mention my babies. I will be looking for a forever home soon with someone that will not abandon me or let me outside. I am a great girl with a loving and cuddly personality. My babies are 4 weeks old now, and moving around and eating on their own. Please tell people about them as the 6 of them will also need forever homes. There names are Celeste, Sophie, Georgie, Emily, Nigel, and Black Jack (Jack for short). They will be neutered/spayed before they go to their new homes, and their new parents can even have some baby pictures. (Just ask the human to send them.) Well, gotta go. The babies are calling, and when they call......I listen.

Adios and warm kitty kisses.
Bonita & Babies