Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Udiya (Daisy)

I know I filled out the survey before, but wanted to email you now
that we have pictures to share! :) Daisy (now Udiya, pronounced
you-dye-ya) is doing fantastic! She settled in very quickly and is
very friendly, but easygoing. She is very vocal (which we love!) and
will ask for a treat by talking and trying to grab the treat bag! She
can frequently be found snuggled up to either our dog or our two house
rabbits and like to sit on laps and purr whenever possible.

She has learned her new name, "sit" and "paws" (nicely pat your hand
with her paws) for treats or petting, which makes it even more fun to
introduce her to new people. We have also learned that while she
completely ignores catnip, fabric mice are her favorite toy, closely
followed by tinfoil balls.

We cannot be happier with her addition to our pet family, thank you!