Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We recently adopted Max the adorable white kitten! We wanted to send you a email full of photos! Max is such a blessing. He sleeps with me every night and since my fiance works overnights its so nice to have someone to cuddle with. We knew max would be a amazing fit for our family just by looking at his picture online. He is so loving and so sweet. He adores our two white boxers and hangs out with them all the time. Max has his quirks. We learned quickly he loves to be under the covers he only felt safe the first day or two tucked in my shirt or under a blanket. So I thought well ill get him a sweater maybe then he will feel safer. We all be it worked. Now i cant get max out of a sweater. I change them and he goes crazy he gets all angry and nervous. Sweaters have become his safety net and on them hes unstoppable. He will interact with the family and dogs. He is so spoiled soon he will have more sweaters then me. I learned to knit just so i can make him clothes! He is such a great cat. He acts just like a dog and thats the best kind of cat! I have attached photos of max and one adorable one of max with his sister seirra a boxer pit mix and his brother landon a boxer! I hope you enjoy and thanks for such a amazing kitty!