Monday, September 6, 2010

ZuZu (previously Varuca Salt)

Hi Sarah,

We adopted Varuca Salt (now named ZuZu) on June 26th. She is doing really well. She is still very skittish and cautious but likes to snuggle with the kids when they are reading and will always come when we shake her food conatiner. She took quite a while to adjust to our other cat (Maisy) who was resuced from the Humane Society but now they are pretty good buddies. They like to chase each other in the morning, and Maisy will even let ZuZu eat out of her bowl with her and vice-versa. ZuZu is gaining weight and still has a voracious appetite - so we have adjusted her eating habits so she doesn't overdo it! Our dog (Sammie) likes ZuZu but she is indifferent to Sammie, at least for now.

Attached are some pics of ZuZu ! One with our daughter, and one of ZuZu relaxing on "her" bed. I'd say she is happy here.

Thanks for your work in Cat Rescue.


The Zbacnik family