Monday, September 20, 2010

Izzie & Leo (previously Morea & Hooper)

Hello FCCR!
I know that you like to occassionally hear updates from your kitties, and I also used to volunteer there so just wanted to say hello! I adopted Izzie (formerly Morea) and Leo (formerly Hooper) as kittens a couple of years ago--the first adoption led to me volunteering, and volunteering led to the second adoption:) Last August (2009) we moved our family back to Minnesota to be closer to parents and friends, although we've missed Colorado very much. Izzie and Leo did NOT appreciate the 14 hour car ride--Leo mewed his heart out for most of the trip. The attached picture was taken about a week after we had moved back, and as you can see I think they were so relieved to have life back to normal!
Both kitties have been such a joy to have in our lives. Leo unfortunately had some health problems this past summer--he had a blocked urinary tract which luckily we got taken care of before it became a big issue, but now he's on a special diet for the foreseeable future. He made it through the ordeal just fine, and seems to be doing better than ever. He loves to cuddle in bed with us in the morning, and even will drool a little bit when he is REALLY happy:) Izzie still has some skittish moments, but her favorite thing to do is sit on my chest while I am reading in bed at night, and try to get me to stop reading and pet her. I'm forever grateful that we found these two love-bugs during our brief stay living out in Colorado! Thank you for all the work that you do for kitties in the Fort Collins area, and I hope the organization continues to grow!