Monday, September 13, 2010

Dyno (previously Dynamite)

Hi Sarah,

Dyno is doing great! He is (still) the best kitty ever. I keep thinking I need to send you guys a "formal" email update but just haven't had a chance to yet.

Let's see; Dyno and Sophie (our golden retriever and self appointed "house zoo" mom) have bonded and are very close. Sophie likes to lick Dyno clean and, as a result, he stays very well groomed :-). Sophie also like to get on to Dyno when he does something wrong - which sometimes offends Dyno's independent kitty-sensibilities. However, Dyno loves to attack Sophie's long swishy tail - especially when she's just walking through the house or in the middle of the night when she's dreaming - so I figure "all's fair in love and war" :-).

Dyno and Mr. Bojangles (our pug) are not as close as Dyno and Sophie are. I think Bo is still holding a grudge from when Dyno "snubbed" him the first few days after we brought Dyno home. It doesn't help that one of Dyno's favorite games to play is the "chase Bo and beat him about the face and/or steal his special ball then run off" game lol. But they do get along pretty well now...even if they aggravate the stew out of each other in the process. :-) We will most definitely be pleased with a longterm frien-emy relationship between those two (and appreciate the avoidance of any all-out wars)!

Dyno's eyes continued to give him some problems even after we finished all medicine he came home with. Ms. Natalie (our vet friend) put him on another round of medication though and, even though they still occasionally act up, they're doing much better now.

Dyno eats like a lion! We've noticed he's a stress eater and is lacking a little in the control department when it comes to food lol! On the weekends if someone hasn't gotten up to give him his wet food by 8:00 AM he will make his rounds - yelling, batting at our eyelashes and attacking our toes - until someone wakes up and gets him his "breakfast" (even though he has a full bowl of dry food sitting there) :-).

He is still a floppy little love ball. He is also going to be HUGE!

I've got a few pics on my phone here with me. I can't attach pics to the email, so I will forward them to you separately.