Monday, September 13, 2010

Cieara Rose & Laila Violet

We adopted these two little girls the day before Mother's Day. Cieara Rose has a white "bikini" and a sparse clump of white fur on her throat, along with white hairs coming out of her ears. Cieara is Welsh for "dark" or "black". Laila Violet has a very sparse clump of white fur in the groin area and just a few stray white hairs on her throat. Laila is Hebrew for "night". They know their names and will usually come when called, unless they are really comfortable and sleepy and can't be bothered with humans. We call them the "Dynamic Duo" or the "Bat Girls", but they are growing into their ears now. We also have other cats in the house and the integration of the two new kittens into a household with much older cats has been challenging. For the most part, they get along pretty well and will share space occasionally. DArtagnon, our large tuxedo male cat , plays chase and swat with them every morning, but he doesn't like sharing Mom's bed in the early morning hours when the Dynamic Duo start stampeding all over the prone bodies in the bed, including his! Laila Violet's favorite napping spot is on "Bruno" our extremely large stuffed St. Bernard dog toy. Cieara Rose likes the back of the couch, one of the many cat baskets we have scattered around the living room and her Mom's lap. They have more than doubled their weight from 2.5 lbs to over 5 lbs. each and are about 6 months old. We think they are adorable!