Monday, August 2, 2010

Mojo (previously Pepper)

I adopted Pepper but we appropriately re-named him Mojo....he never stops strutting his stuff around the house! He is quite the stud muffin and he knows it (check out the picture of him winking, which he does often). It took him less than an hour in his new home to adjust and quickly become king of the place. Mojo never stops playing and my mom has created an endless supply of toys for him but he prefers to hide behind things and attack your feet when you go by. He also has his own two story home that he sleeps on top of if he isn't snuggling with my dog Jelly or on my dads stomach. Some of his favorite past times are playing with his stuffed animal monkey, helping out in the garden by chasing bugs, attacking your hair, attacking your nose, attacking your glasses, attacking everything (he wears a bell now so his attacks aren't suprise anymore!), and sleeping in my moms art box while she paints. The whole household and everyone who meets him falls head over heels for this sweet boy, we couldn't be happier! -The Schrader family :)