Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kogi (previously Othello)

Hi Sarah,

We adopted Othello back in May…this is my first email from the FCCR, but I wanted to let you all know “Kogi” is doing awesome! We couldn’t have asked for a better kitty! He does eat a lot throughout the day (he’s always crying for food and gets fed about 5-6 times a day, sometimes more!) We are keeping our eye on his weight and will modify his feedings accordingly, but so far, he’s so active that his weight seems to be on track.

Kogi loves to play with our friend’s puppy, Hooligan, and had a chance to play every day with him for two straight weeks! Because they miss playing with each other, we are scheduling weekly playdates with our friend so they can get their fill of doggy-kitty playtime.

Aside from playing with Hooligan, Kogi loves to

Hide in boxes or bags

Play with just about anything that moves, sometimes he even plays with his food!

Sleep in our closet, on the bathroom floor where it's nice and cool, or on my head

Rub up against or go nose-to-nose with our older dog, RJ

Play “keep away” from our younger dog, Patches

Jump/Climb on our laps and purr very loudly

Grab our fingers with his paws and lick them

Lie on my lap and watch my computer mouse move all over the screen

Watch TV

Sit on our windowsill, observing the outside

Scratch his post (we just ordered a bigger one for him)

Aside from his chewing on wires around the house (and being hungry all the time), we are so happy with our decision to adopt Kogi. He’s a bundle of joy! I have attached photos of Kogi for everyone at the FCCR to see (please include his foster mother too - we met her the day we adopted him).

Thanks everyone!

Natalie, Alan, Alecs, RJ, Patches and Kogi